I’ve read that to have a blog you need to identify your audience, even write a description of them. So I’ve made a description of who you are. Before I tell you all about you I’ll tell you about me.

I’ve never done a blog before but I have done group emails and figure it’s really not that different. Can you tell my lack of research?
So me. I grew up taking photos. I was the teenager taking my camera to parties and sticking the photos on my wall. Years later in my 1st year of marriage my husband bought me my first SLR and when I took multiple photos at an animal sanctuary I decided I could make calendars with my photos. That was 13 calendars ago and I’m still creating them and photos in general.

So you, who are you?

  • You love visual beauty. Anyone that appreciates the creativity of photography sees a beauty others don’t.
  • You love animals. This is firstly an animal photography website so that must be part of the attraction.  You don’t understand how anyone could be cruel to an animal and you see how amazing an animal’s love can be. If you haven’t seen it already google Christian the lion to confirm this.
  • You sometimes crave the country air. Whether you live in a city or are visiting a city you know that beauty lies in the simplicity of life, not in the steel or the cement but in the walk on the beach, lying down in the park, watching a cat/dog playing.
  • You’re a thinker. You enjoy learning, not necessarily in the confines of a lecture hall but rather in life, in talking with others, with experiencing something new or rediscovering something old.
  • You do a bit of internet surfing. Remember not to do this too much and if you do check out some of the time lapse photography available. It reminds you that there is a world passing by.
  • Finally you are an awesome person coming to my website and checking out my blog. I’m not sure where this journey is going, with my blog and especially with my photography, but I am excited and I welcome you to join me in this adventure.