Keep calm and carry on.

Have you ever gone outside at twilight and you’ve seen the world in a whole new light? It’s not just the sky that’s a unique colour. It’s everything around you. You don’t see it very often so when it does happen you feel blessed to be a part of it and want to share it with others. I’ll go drag my husband out to show him this special beauty. Maybe you’ll take a picture to share it on instagram, Facebook, the world?
What’s so special about it? I’ll let you in on a secret. It probably happens a lot more than you realise but unless you go outside at that particular minute you’ll miss it. Usually we’re busy preparing dinner, watching tv, working or even scrolling the internet.
The most important part of this moment is that you’re there and it stops you in your tracks. Even if it’s just for a few minutes we’re still. The moment is so glorious, so unique, our eyes force us to take in the beauty of it all.
So why have I titled this Keep Calm and Carry On. Would you believe the Keep Calm and carry on poster was originally a motivational message to strengthen moral before WWII? Sadly now we use it because our life is in constant crisis mode. We’re busy. I don’t even need to elaborate, you all know what I mean.
Next time you’re stopped by that moment of beauty, breath it in, still your heart and accept that this is a gift.