A story behind every photo.

For me, the joy behind each photo is knowing the story behind what triggered that button press. This one however has more sadness attached than joy.
Eight years ago when I was living in Melbourne I worked with Mark. He was a recovery nurse who essentially was a country boy. He had a place in Kinglake and told me I had to check it out with my camera.
One cold morning I made the drive and while it was still misty I captured this. I was still using my film SLR Minolta camera and didn’t know how it would turn out, remember those days? I took photos on my drive home but this one stood out. Later I put this Psalm verse with it. I thought the fear and powerlessness through looking at this view combined with the comfort and strength of the Bible verse was a good fit.
When I heard of the Victorian bush fires in 2009 I didn’t worry about Mark. I knew he was a smart guy who wasn’t about to risk his life for a property. I found out later that people didn’t have time to make smart decisions during that Black Saturday. When he was listed among the missing then I feared the outcome. He, along with 172 others, died in those fires. Tears roll down as I type this remembering that terrrible period for so many.
When I created the 2010 calendar I dedicated this picture and it’s month to Mark. If I hadn’t met him I would never captured this shot yet he was taken too soon, like many others. There was no happy ending on that day.