The Joy of Jona

Jona is a combination of my first and surname. Recently I've discovered another meaning to Jona. The Joy Of Nature & Animals. That is my photography in a nutshell. I have so much joy in capturing the beauty of this world.

Your Special Place Captured

Do you have a special place? A place that gives you peace. A place that in years to come you’ll think of before any house you lived in. Capturing that special place and having it in your home is what this is about.

The camera does lie.

Yes I know we’re told the camera doesn’t lie but I'm letting you know the camera tells THE truth that we want IT to tell. So check out what I captured during my latest session with Shelby and Pally.

The Jona Exhibition

I’m 6 days away from the Jona Exhibition and all that needs to be done has been done. Yes there will be more to do in a few days and especially on the actual day but for now there is a stillness. And I’m not that good with stillness.

So far...

I know everyone is saying it but how is it already July, the end of July!

Adopting Mika

What I’m sure every pet owner can say is that their pet has…

A story behind every photo.

For me, the joy behind each photo is knowing the story behind…

Moment of clarity.

Have you had that moment when everything around you is chaos…

Keep calm and carry on.

Have you ever gone outside at twilight and you've seen the world…

Art takes time

I love photography. I love taking photos of a subject and knowing…

Humans of New York

Have you heard of the photographer that takes pictures of people…