If you’re ready to order send me an email. Let me know your image title, the size and type of material you want to use.

Standard image sizes are 40x60cms, 50x75cm, 60x90cms & 75x115cms. Some prints are offered in square, panoramic 1:2 and panoramic 1:3.

Type of prints are framed, canvas, canvas framed, aluminium glass and aluminium glass framed.

Frames come in white, black, recycled and if you have a different idea let me know. It’s very likely I’ll be able to help.

All prints are come ready to hang. Postage is free throughout Australia.

My favourite is aluminium glass. The print has amazing clarity and is incredibly light. It’s also  scratch resistant, stain resistant, waterproof, fire resistant, tear resistant, impervious to damage from tape or glue, and will not yellow with age.

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