Road trips and me

You might notice from my gallery, my facebook post and my instagram feed I’m someone who loves a road trip.

It wasn’t always like that. When I was young I had dreadful motion sickness and so our road trips being 2 hours away from home was plenty for me.

However when I was 17 years old my sister and I did a 1700km road trip to the Gold Coast, yes where I live now. I didn’t do a huge amount of road trips after that, but enough to keep me keen.

That changed two years ago when the hospital I loved working at, as a nurse, closed and I had the time to do something that had been forming in my mind for 6 months, a road trip to North Queensland. It was only for 10 days but I drove from Cairns to Uluru and saw amazing things, captured incredible sights and knew this wasn’t the only road trip I’d be doing.

From that time I’ve embarked on more road trips, more opportunities to capture Australia from all corners. My plans for this year are quite ambitious but we’ll see how they go.

Last month was the first road trip for the year. I drove from Adelaide to Broken Hill to the Great Ocean Road and back to Adelaide. I also got to visit friends and family along the way and all in the space of 5 days. People think I’d gone for weeks but it all happens in short, intense bursts. I’ve also had quite a few people asking to come along but to do what I do in the time I have needs a lot of focus. Most of the time on the road I just drive, photograph, sleep and post. Eating usually just happens when I’m driving or posting.

One of the reasons I wanted to capture the Great Ocean Road was that I don’t know how long the 12 apostles have left. To be honest I don’t know how long any of us have left on earth so I want to make the most of it. I don’t want to sit back and wait for later when now is available.

What I see is beautiful and I want others to see and experience it as well. In saying that welcome to 2019 and we’ll see where we go.